Kolar Computing

Kolar Computing, a family business, has been in business since 1996 when the first version of the KO Brackets program was developed. In the years since, many other business applications have been designed, developed, coded, tested and put in a production environment.

Kolar Computing is also involved in consultation, maintenance, and enhancement of already written code in several languages, including VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), Visual Basic, PHP, HTML, and MS Access applications.

Below is a short list of the projects successfully undertaken by Kolar Computing over the years:

  • Airplane Judging for the Watsonville (CA) Airshow

    This project was to build an application in MS Access that could be shared across at least 5 workstations for the data entry, tabulation, summarization, and reporting on the judging of airplanes that were flown in for the event. When this project was done, in 1996, networking of computers was a challenge, but Kolar Computing was able to manage it and it went off without a hitch. The program was so successful that Kolar Computing was invited back to enhance and run it for the next 4 years.

  • KO Brackets (8 person single elimination brackets program)

    This flagship product developed from scratch by Kolar Computing has generated over 5000 brackets over the last since its inception in 1996. The program was used to run brackets for the Womenís California State Tournament and the USBC California Scratch classic and ran successfully. This MS Excel macro based program has been revised and updated over the years to be a very robust program that gives each entrant a better than just random chance at winning, as it is intelligent enough to look for duplicates and remove as many as possible. This gives each entrant the ability to compete against multiple entrants in the 1st part of the bracket, giving them the best chance to advance.

  • Maintain/Enhance MS Access Application for keeping shelves full

    An MS Access application was written that was supposed to maintain a bakeryís shelf stock and it wasnít working correctly. Kolar Computing was brought in to clean up the code and enhance it to do more. This eventually evolved nto work on a Fire Safety MS Access application that was used across the Southern California area.

  • Maintain/Enhance MS Word Application for Editor

    An editor had a programmer working with him in VBA who moved on to another opportunity, so he needed someone to come in and hit the ground running on his already successful set of MS Word macros written in VBA. Kolar Computing was brought in and continues to work with the editor on this project maintaining, enhancing, improving, and implementing requested upgrades in VBA. The editorís website (written primarily in PHP) was in need of clean up and rewrite and Kolar Computing stepped in and did that as well.